The Journey Begins

DSC_0007Thanks for joining us!

I should begin by pointing out that the picture above is not Sam & John. It’s what Sam & John aspire to, but an image of us falling off paddle boards into three feet of murkey water in Hove Lagoon – as we were last week – wouldn’t have set the right tone. It is a picture I took of a lovely couple while waiting for the West Pier mumurations. Despite our fledging steps & falls, I remain hopeful that Sam & I will strike a similar pose to the one above at some point on our travels – I just hope that someone isn’t using my camera to capture the image!

After what feels like months of planning and we are now spending our last night at Landseer Road before final catch ups with family & flying out in the 13th.

It’s funny how exciting everything was during the planning stage, all of a sudden it feels very real & tough decisions are having to be made. I felt real pangs of guilt as I lined up my shirts & T-shirts & advised them which ones had got through the first cut & which were going straight to storage in the loft. I found myself apologising to my beloved Vespa t-shirt. If I can’t easily part with inanimate attire how will I say goodbye to our Greyhound Ruby – a least she isn’t heading for the loft though.

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12 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Glad you eventually got to the dog after talking about your Vespa t-shirt 🤣

    I remember trying to get you to go out SUP in Worthing in about 2014. You made some excuse up!


  2. Good luck to you both. We had a lovley time on Tioman, but it was in 1987 ! We also stayed in wonderful place on a bamboo raft at Kanchanaburi. Wat Po temple in Bangkok is a lovley refuge from the city’s noise and bustle. We loved Bali too : Kuta is good to avoid, we very much liked Candi Dasa on the south coast and went back there as little as 20years ago ! Borobudur on Java – so many fabulous places to visit. For those like yourselves, doing real travel (as opposed to holidays) we always say, there will be times of varying moods. I recall sitting on a perfect beach somewhere thinking ‘why am I feeling low down’? You must allow “travellers blues” to come and go, and homesickness too, it’s all part of the very rich moodscspes that come with real travel. I remember the first time I just sat and watched the world flow by, doing absolutely nothing at all, just watching . . . . . I look forward to seeing your journeying here . . . thanks for the invite . . . . . .

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    1. You have set me remembering John ! Part of which is wondering what is still there and what will have gone or changed. Here is one place we stayed that is still there : We mostly stayed in very cheap rooms but occasionally it is important to treat your self to some pure luxury. It helps to regroup and collect yourselves over the longer journeying.

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  3. I’m in, can’t wait for the journey to begin and watch jealously from the sidelines.
    On a serious note, i’m really happy that you both finally are embarking on your journey, finally. Best of luck. Keep posting and sending pictures.

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  4. Can’t believe it!!! I thought i had exclusive stalking rights!!😁😁😁am so excited for you both xx


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